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Small Foot Alpine are designed to be used with separate ice crampons.

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This model is appropriate for climbers who need snowshoes and want to use their own crampons. Alpine are good for hiking in the higher mountain and for reaching ice climbing spots. They are compatible with ice climbing boots and any other type of shoes used for winter sports or hiking. Alpine come with Classic Trail Pro bindings. Crampons No crampons included. Alpine are used with customer ice crampons.Bindings Classic X Pro The Classic Pro bindings represent a classical strap system with metal D-rings used by traditional crampons and have fixed front straps.Structure Open_-ended U-_shaped structure. It enables the heel to grind into the terrain when walking downhill. This creates additional stability and safety in steep areas.Set The Small Foot Alpine set includes: _ a pair of Alpine snowshoes _ a basic mini bag (1 x 24/12/10 cm) _ a mini pump _ a deflation cap _ a repair kit _ an emergency mirror _ an emergency whistle The SF repair kit includes: 1 TPU sticker; 2 patches from the TPU material; 2 patches from the Cordura; 1 valve core; 1 cap for unwinding the valve core.Materials Outer layer: CORDURA 1100, double AC coated Inner layer: TPU film KKZipper KKD_-rings ustriAlpinMetal rings Wear resistant TPU protectors with grip Thread oats