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Loftsail :Unique, super durable full IYU250 4-part mast-pocket construction –

Loftsail 2017 delivers further expanded trim reactivity and effective range of use with a softer, easier character. Loftsails reduced the boom lengths on the larger sizes while increasing that aspect ratio on the smaller models. The profiles are deeper for 2017, complementing the luff curve updates that Monty Spindler and his all new test team in Tarifa have made.

The result is further stability and increased multipurpose suitability for the wide spectrum of conditions you may encounter on any given day at the beach. Build quality is a given with all Spindler-designed sails and the all x-ply construction, 5-mm. foot and 4-mm.-biax window panels will withstand a ton of abuse and forgive mistakes as you push your level. Mag tests keep confirming the crossover/bump ‘n jump and light-wind wavesailing prowess on the larger sizes while praising the stability and ease of use of the smaller sizes in harsh conditions (especially for lighter riders). 90% of wave sailors would need very specific, strong reasons not to select a quiver of Purelips for radical sailing in either tough conditions or epic surf.


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